Dear Mr. Langin & Miss Stump

Dear Mr. Langin & Miss Stump, This year I learned how vile and cruel the world is. This is not a world where the “normal” is the correct choice. I’ve learned that majority of the world is evil; that does not pardon anyone who falls into the traps of the world. First, I’ve learned that the moral standards of my peers and adults are significantly lower (if moral standards even exist at all), than those of mine. Impure acts and conducts are supported through all types of media. Homosexuality and lesbian behavior, the idea of transgender (or even the idea of more than two genders), sexual conduct before marriage, profane and crude language, and the viewing of pornographic and nude images, are endorsed by music, images, videos, social media, the news, artwork, and even literature. Even by faculty members at this school, I have found supporting these ideas and concepts that stop the flow of light and good influence in the world. Both of you have endorsed such behaviors, examples of which include using profane language, the offending of other religions, and forcing students to listen to and read impure, and entirely inappropriate, messages. Both of you, in addition to other teachers, have sworn in class. Students lower the amount of profane language significantly when in the presence of adults. The kind of behavior you’ve both had, influences children and adolescents to use profane and cruel language. After just one conversation with a person, I can usually tell where they stand politically. I have high reason to believe that both of you are feminists, and believe in treating all people equally. I apologize if this is false information, and I have assumed falsely your political views. However, I doubt that either of you realizes how you have both offended almost every religion there is. You have both used, and not chastised those that use, God’s name in vanity. Such conducts are offensive to all religions, even though in different religions, there are sometimes different ideas on the characteristics of God, and who he is. With the exception of Atheism (which I believe to be less a religion, and more the lack of religion), you have both offended all religions. Our literature has no lack of evil. Most books/novels you’ve read to us (because I don’t believe there has been a book/novel this year that we’ve read by ourselves), are inappropriate. In The Giver, the author allows the readers to have an inside view on the effects of puberty on a male. Though one might argue that this is a natural occurrence, one should not be reading these graphic details (adult or child). These are just a small amount of examples you have both spread wicked influence on the world. I have learned much from one of you, and acknowledge that one is an exceptional teacher. I am not stating that that teacher is a bad human being, I’m just saying that those small disturbances in the peace can almost ruin a genuinely good year of learning. Please do not take this as a complaint letter, please take this as advice, that you may be the best teacher you can be. When I read a book, sometimes the bad language may be present, that book may still be a good book. But just think of how much better than the book could be, if it had left out that bad language. I hope you change your ways, so the incoming students may be spared the unnecessary actions that detract from one’s learning experience.

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