Essex County

I was on the starting line with all of the other runners, eagerly waiting for the gun to go off so the one mile race can start. There were runners from different towns around Essex County because this meet was Counties. I knew some of the runners from past races, so I knew that there would be a lot of competition, and that I would have people to run with, but I was still scared out of my mind, like the first time I ever ran a race. The top six runners place, but I knew that I had it in me to win the race, but at the same time I was scared that I was going to have a bad race. I was still standing on the starting line with butterflies flying in my stomach, like the time a person is going in for a big job interview, and it felt like it has been hours, but it was really five minutes. When the official came over to check to see if everyone on the starting line was in the right place, I was so nervous that I felt like I couldn’t even move, but I kept thinking to myself “you’re gonna have the best race of your life”, which pushed me to stay in that race. The official walked over to where he shoots off the gun for the race to start, and that’s when I thought to myself “here we go”. The nervousness that was going through my body at this time was unthinkable, and it was the worst feeling ever. The official said “on your marks”, which means that the runners get into their running positions to start, and then the official said “go”, and that’s when I fell into racing mode. The start is the worst part of the race because since you’re so crammed up at the starting line, right when the race starts you have to be strong to get out infront of all the other runners. This worked out for me, and I was able to make my way out to the front early in the race. The first lap was pretty chill. I was sitting in the middle of the pack at this time to let the other runners take it out, hoping they would get tired, which indicates that I should make my move. The second lap started to hit me, but I moved pushed to move up to around fifth place out of twenty runners. I knew that if I wanted to win this race I would have to make a move soon. The third lap hit me really hard, and the burning sensation in my legs kicked in, but I still kept pushing, and by the time that lap was over I was in third place. Now, I knew to keep my place or move up to first or second, I would have to start my kick to the finish because the fourth lap of the one mile race is always the fastest, and I knew that the other kids would also start, and if I didn’t I would get passed by other runners. So, going into the fourth lap I thought to myself “you can do this, this is your race”, and that’s when I started to kick, and I sped up a lot. A quarter of the way through the fourth lap I moved into second place, with a very little gap between the first place kid and I. With about half the lap left, I went all out because there was nothing to lose, and when I caught up to the runner in first, he also started to speed up. So, with about one hundred meters left in the race, I was head to head with another runner, fighting for first place. Until about when there was fifty meters left in the race we were still head to head, but then I pushed with everything I had left, and before I knew it, I was the one running through the first place tape at the line, and it was the greatest chaos ever. It was a good and close race, but I took the win at Counties with a one mile time of four thirty two, and a two second personal best.

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