THANK YOU, MOM AND DAD, ON YOUR 23RD ANNIVERSARY We fall, they pick us up. If we are discouraged, they encourage us. If we are insecure about ourselves, they tell us that you are the only one of your kind. They raise us and try to fulfill every desire that we own. They teach us how to love ourselves. I am talking about our parents. Mom and dad as you are miles apart from me, the geographical distance separated us, but surely the hearts are sturdily connected. Mom and Dad today I would like to thank you on your 23rd anniversary for being outstanding supportive parents, supporting me from the day I took my first step and till now. You have supported me throughout my entire life in my education, the decisions I made, emotionally, my goals and dreams. You were delighted and you were proud of me since the day I was born especially in a place and such an era when daughters were not considered a blessing. Thank you for the affection, inspiration, and guidance. Thanks for standing by my side and giving me the strength that I needed to pursue my dreams. The dream of studying what I wanted, the dream to marry a man I wanted. I still remember my childhood when you spent countless hours teaching me the basics of English and Math’s, I know it was hard and frustrating but thanks for keeping up with me. I still remember how we all celebrated after every class I completed, every award I received, even till this day when I sent you a picture of the letter I received from GTCC that showed that I was in president list of Spring Semester 2018, I remember that you told me that you read it again and again and expressed that how proud you were of me. You not only supported me in my studies, but also when it came to marrying the man I wanted. I remember introducing my husband to you guys with fear of rejection and you accepted him and that changed my life endlessly in a positive way. Thanks for supporting me through the emotional phases of my life. Even today when I feel depressed; you show me ways to resolve my problems effortlessly. Thanks for giving me your shoulder to rest upon whenever I was feeling down. Mom and Dad, thank you for teaching me how to cook. You guys worked together to teach me something I wanted to do passionately, and now when my husband and people give remarks like “Ayesha this looks so good, it tastes so good” I know you are the reason behind it. I remember cooking and baking horrible dishes and cakes that used to be raw and burnt but, you still somehow managed to eat those and told me that they were good to increase my confidence. In the end, I will thank you for supporting me in my studies, the choices I made, emotionally, my goals and my dreams. Thank you for being the best and being there whenever I wanted you. I feel privileged to have parents like you and I promise I will visit you soon. I found this quote online that I would like to share, “The fingers that held me when I felt lost, the support that stood by me at any cost, dear mom and dad you’re always in my heart, Even though I’m away for life’s new start.” Once again happy 23rd anniversary mom and dad.

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