There are an abundant amount of things that I would like to discuss. First off Cadence, Cady for short, the main protagonist in the book. She has a very interesting character as she seems to be mentally ill throughout the book. From being delusional to giving away all her possession, even those of great value. Cady is a mystery, uncovering forgotten memories of a tragic accident concealed by lies. The exploration through her “lost” memories finally reveals all, which brings me to the ending of the book. The huge turn of events that inevitably shock everyone. Something that confused me and possibly others is Cady’s illusions of being “injured”. For example, bleeding, melting, or being shoot. These illusions come very early in the book when her Dad leaves and, “Then he pulled out a handgun and shot me in the chest” (5). I figure that this is how Cady feels. She, later on, describes that her blood gushes out from everywhere and her heart falls out of her ribcage spasming. This represents how she feels hollowed out and empty inside. Her heart reaches out unsure of what to do yet, longing for her beloved dad to stay. These “injuries happen” throughout the book expressing how Cady feels. My personal rating of the book would be a solid ten out of ten. While reading the book I was yearning to uncover the mysteries of Cady’s lost memories. The emotions portrayed bounced off of the pages of the book and settled down close to my heart. It made me experience every wall cutting me off to a “happy ending”. I chiefly loved how Lockhart embedded mini Fairy Tale stories deep within the book. They were an altered version of what was going on around Cady. Cady calls these stories “A variation, I am saying, of a story you have heard before” (43) although I don’t think she realizes that the stories she is writing have a closer meaning to her than she thought. My main critique is that I found the overall story a bit confusing. That is in the sense that there was a lot of different time period switches taking place all over the book. At one point Cady would be fifteen back with her Dad, and then she would be on Beechwood Island with Gat by her side. It made me sort of lose the flow of things. The most meaningful idea that I grasped from this book was the effects of tragedy and grief on people. It wasn’t till the end of the book that this meaning became very clear to me. The tragedy that happened to the three other liars and the passing of Granny Tipper sent everyone and everything spinning out of proportion. Not even realizing it, but the grief of the missing liars in her life, Cady created her own delusion of them. Tragedy and grief eat away at people every day when you might not see it. The ever beautiful Sinclair family seemed to be this perfect rich family living life to the fullest, but deep within their confined walls is deep sorrow and grief that they have to much pride to show for. We can always see the happy smile that people put on for show, but we need to look deeper and become more aware as to how people feel.

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