Captain McHenry

I was especially bored. I knew it would happen yet, again. Addison was competing in a Glamour Girl pageant, but I had to go. I knew she would win and I was proud of her, but I had to practice the clarinet in my school band. Suddenly the announcer calls out my identical sister, Addison Hand onstage. She had won $500 plus a 6” tall trophy. Addison and I are exact opposites except for our faces, she is an extrovert, popular and I am an introvert and nerdy. She came off stage acting so surprised that she won.“Great job Addi!” I said running up to her. She ran right past me into the arms of her boyfriend, Brady Anderson. Brady is a cute high school stereotype boy, plays football, gets B’s and has the cutest girl in school, being his girlfriends. “ That was so amazing!!” yelled Brady kissing Addison on the cheek. I turned away and cringed. Any type of romance makes me squeamish. My mom, was balling his eyes out because apparently seeing your 14 year old daughter win a seventh national title is overwhelming. Even though when I got all-city band did she cry, guess we know who her favorite is. “Great job Petal!” My dad cheers, “let's celebrate with some Cold Stone?” “Any day!” Addison and I yell in unison. As we drove home it was absolute silence between me, my parents and Addison. In the middle of the night or very early in the morning two men come rushing into my room and one of them is holding is holding a small black object. They force the lights on and yell and bunch of code words.I sit up and I scream and I was honestly very scared. I see my dad holding a gun and I try to ask calmly, “what happened?” They looked at each other and just start crying. By this time I see people running around the house in blue yelling and screaming “CODE RED, CODE RED” I get out of bed and I run to my best friend's room and it looks like a murder scene. In fact, it was a murder scene. Yellow crime tape, a gurney, police officers, and a lifeless body of my twin. She didn’t even look like me anymore, she was pale and her hair was pink from all the blood. I could feel my knees collapsing and then, everything went dark. I woke up to the sound of slow beeping, then the beeping got faster and faster until I felt a cool rag over my head. It was an old lady fussing over me. She saw me wake up and nodded to the other side of the room. My mom rushed over and looked at me and whispered, “my only one, my only one…” I sat right up and I started to remember more and more. The tape, the blood and the gurney. Addison. Guns. Yelling. It all came back in a flood and then the tears started to fall. I was released from the hospital 2 days later and I had still not accepted the fact that I was an only child. I went home and Addison’s room was boarded off, so I went to my bed and just laid there. My parents brought me trays of food, but they just sat on my desk. 7 days after the incident, my mom comes into the family room where I am reading a book with my dogs and looks very sad and says in a serious tone, “Grace, we need to go to the police station headquarters (HQ). Captain McHenry needs to talk to you He believes he has evidence against you to convict you of murder” I could not believe what my ears just heard, thought, why would I kill her? Even of all the thoughts racing in my brain, I nod my head. Brady is coming with us and so is Sydney, Addi’s best friend. We picked Brady up at his house and when we were about to drive away, Mr. Anderson says, “Julia, Robert, I would love to come and help you at this hard time but I have a bunch of work to do at my work. I have to help find DNA and GMOs in food and bodies, Bye!” Those 25 minutes to the Police HQ might of been the worst moments in my life. We got to the HQ and we went in and they immediately started patting us and touching us. Of course I knew they were checking for weapons, but, please, next time a warning? They took the 4 of us to separate rooms (Sydney didn’t have to go yet) and I was the only one who had 6 investigators in their interrogation room. I walk in and I notice the objects on the table. A sticky note, razor and a diary that has a huge A on the front. I sit down at the table and wait for the questioning to begin. After about 15 minutes of waiting, Captain McHenry comes in the room. He looks very solemn and sits across from me. He says, “I am not the type of person who plays games, I tell you like I see it, OK?” “Yes sir,” I said very hesitantly. He reads the note which says, “I’ve had a best friend since I was in my Mommy, and a person who was always with me and who was always nice,” I could feel the tears starting to come but Captain McHenry kept on moving on have any of that and continued moving down the list. He picked up the razor and said, “this was the murder weapon, we sent it to Anderson Company, where they do DNA work on bodies. It came back with the fingerprints of you. That is why we thought that you had killed your sister, but then, we found your sister's diary. That gave us a lot of Intel, because she told herself, that she is dealing with stress and anxiety and has even had suicidal thoughts. That is the reason, you are off the hook. We are ruling it a suicide. Also, we interrogated Sydney Miller because your parents believed she could of done it but we don’t believe so. Does that all make sense to you?” I walked out of the room and as I did, I thought of a crazy idea and a crazy plan.. My parents, Brady and Sydney were waiting for me in the lounge and my dad had helped himself to a few snacks when I yelled “WE HAVE TO GO HOME!!!” My parents jumped into action and we were home in a flash. After I got home, and I started thinking everything out. DNA, Anderson, Razor, Flirty, Nervousness. The murderer had tampered with DNA evidence and the only person that could do that would be Brady Anderson and his dad! It all made sense! Brady had convinced his dad to change the DNA of Addi’s razor. I ran downstairs and I saw my mom shutting the front door,and I ran up to her and said, “I know who killed Addison, and it wasn’t herself!” I brought my mom down to the couch and explained my crazy idea to her. After the talk, she said, “Grace, I want to believe you, but Captain McHenry is certain that it was a suicide,” “I know that, but I have evidence so we have to go to the Police HQ” We drove to the HQ and I strutted inside feeling especially proud in my detective skills when I saw Captain McHenry.. After my big ramble he said, “thank you. We will get back to you very soon if you are correct.” I grinned and ran back out to the car. A month later, my family got a call from Captain McHenry saying that Brady had been convicted of 1st degree murder.. My family and I were so happy that the killer had been put behind bars and that we wouldn’t have to deal with him for 23 years. We held a funeral for Addison, with tons of family and friends celebrating the life that she once led. Finally, justice was repaired, but my heart was still damaged


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