Educational Institute

Educational Institute is where an individual spends most of his time in adolescence. So, the educational institutions will have a significant impact on the overall growth of an individual. Each one of us is born with a different perspective towards life. Each one of us is different in some sense, so the educational institution must look upon in this matter. Also, not everyone is conscious of their future. Primary, secondary schools are the places where children would come across a different world. They will start thinking about different subjects they come across. Each one of them would come up with a different perspective towards the same matter. The Instructors at the center of learning should analyze, and guide the student in developing his interest in a subject of his choice. As everyone would have a different choice of interest, the institute must have wide-ranging talent in their staff. Searching for a wide range of skills in one person is quite difficult. So each institute cannot have a complete staff of omniscient people. Also in rural areas, it is even more challenging to find such people. Alternative can be that institute will hire instructors from all backgrounds. But this would increase the number of faculties at the institute and hence the cost to institute will increase many folds. Most of the Institutes today grade a student based only on his performance in academic subjects. They should start including the topic of practical importance and cover most of the interests of the students. There shall be counseling for each student at the primary school level. This should provide the basis for identifying the weak and strong points of an individual. For identifying the skill each student has can be achieved to some extent by increasing the syllabus. Increased in syllabus would automatically increase the duration of course. Each good move will increase the possibility of finding the interest of student but would also increase the complexity of organizing the necessary things. Eventually, based on the above discussion we can provide the necessary guidance at the cost of increased faculty, syllabus, course duration, etc. But providing a well-defined path for each student is important for having a better society in the coming future.

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