Heather’s break up letter

Break Up Letter Analyzing Heather’s break up letter we can see that her letter would be effective for the situation. The break up letter is effective due to the voice in the letter. The wording is a bit harsh but still works. Heather gives compliments to Thomas plus insults which we know as a compliment sandwich. Lastly Heather gives herself sympathy to make Thomas feel bad. I think the voice in the letter is great for the purpose Heather is going for. In the scenario it says “She worries that she might end up losing her nerve, especially if he starts crying.” So I think using the mellow voice helps Heather in her situation. I believe that she choose to use a mellow tone because she is already hurting his feelings by breaking up with him. The wording used in the break up letter can be harsh at times. For example in the third paragraph she writes, “For instance, you like computers and other technological things, but I think those things are lame.” Heather could have explained how she felt in a settle way. Instead of saying “lame” she could have said, technology is not what I enjoy doing. Another example of this can be found in the third paragraph when she says. “Anywhoo, I know there are lots of super nerdy girls you can find online who are into computers and running and watching the sunrise.” Instead of saying “nerdy girls” she could have said girls with the same interest as you. Using nerdy girls reflects Thomas’s personality. Thomas is already hurt because she is breaking up with him so using better words would help the situation. The way Heather wrote the letter she started off giving Thomas compliments. In the first paragraph she starts with “I want you to know that you are an awesome guy. Like super awesome.” At the end of the paragraph she then goes on to explain nicely the reasons why they should break up. By the second paragraph Heather starts to be negative. For example, she says “I just can’t see our relationship working out if we can’t go out in public together.” Therefore she is embarrassed by his personality when they go out. In the third paragraph Heather tells Thomas “if you’re lucky, she’ll be as hot as me.” Even though Heather seems to be joking Thomas can interpret this as you’ll never find someone as good as me. Through the letter Heather wants to make Thomas feel bad and sympathize with her. In the second paragraph she writes “Me on the other hand, I hate people even looking at me. I often wish to be invisible.” I believe the significance of saying this is to show how Thomas made her feel. It almost seems that Heather wants Thomas to feel bad for his actions in public. In the last paragraph we see this happening again when Heather says, “Emotionally, I’m like a six year old. I need to really work on my issues before I get into a relationship with someone else.” Here Heather is sulking about herself and trying to make Thomas realize that she has issues. The significance of putting this in the letter is so Thomas can feel bad for her Overall I believe this gets the point across for a break up but there are certain things that can be fixed. Heather has a mellow voice which I think is great for the situation. Next Heather uses harsh words in the letter towards Thomas. Then she also gives Thomas compliments and goes on to insult him at times. The last thing is that Heather gives herself sympathy to make Thomas feel bad for her. If Heather were to fix these things this would change the tone of the letter which would be more effective.

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