In the morning

I’ve placed my mug of espresso down for only three seconds, and in that span of time I’ve already managed to yawn, rub my borderline bloodshot eyes, and had even proceeded to slam my face straight into my desk unintentionally out of exhaust. The clock perpendicular to my working table reads 1:06 am in the morning. It’s an ungodly hour in the morning and my limbs can barely move without causing me a throbbing headache. A siren that blares in the distance. No, there’s been no accident, no police car, no movie drama that I’ve whipped up in my head, instead it’s my neighbor hosting a party. He or she, I don’t know anymore, is blasting some random rap music I clearly don’t recognize, mixed with the sound of teenagers getting half-drunk on nothing more than candy and there you go, a homemade siren. Just kidding, even I can recognize the faint Cardi B chants from where I’m working. Normally, I’d be on the other side of this wall, eating a life’s supply of Kit Kat’s or maybe Reese’s, but not today. Today, it’s way too early for me to care about anything besides the feeling of nostalgia when my head finally crashes into the fluffiest pillow I own. I’ve only lasted the first hour and six minutes of today only to realize that it’s done. I almost don’t believe it myself. There’s this burning sensation at the back of my mind that tells me to go through everything one more time, because there will always be that punctuation I missed, or a sentence that doesn’t make sense. But that’s for tomorrow, the day after that, and every other day that isn’t this one. Sure, I’m alienated. My eyes are tired, sore. It’s been eight hours today, and more than a hundred combined for the entire book. But all the efforts put in have conjoined have become one complete story. So, for the past month of sleepless nights or even deliberate all-nighters, it was so worth it. Waterworks was never supposed to exist, I’ve mentioned this quite a few times now, just because I want to marvel at the fact that I nearly gave up on a story I didn’t quite think would work before I really did dive into the lives of five estranged teens we have all come to know and love. But yet, here it is. A story, one I can now call mine. Let’s just say that it’s been quite a while since I found myself writing Chapter One, Draft One. Or idea one. Let’s just give a special shoutout to coffee in general. A lot of people know my regular order, Espresso (of course), double shot, and a generous amount of milk and sugar. My god, you’ve literally pumped energy into my body when I felt everything but. Secondly, my thesaurus, for supplying me with an endless amount of options to choose from whenever my brain’s stock of english vocabulary finally runs dry. Finally, everyone who pulled me out of bed, splashed water on my face, dragged me to my laptop, and whatever creative ideas you come up with to get me to write. It’s finally paid of, yes, you were right. Will you ever do so again, absolutely not. Everything is just peachy. Waterworks is a story of misfits. How it branched out? Are misfits of Earth still misfits of a place with no relations to such? Could it mean finding yourself in your own blood even if you happened to be breathing in water two galaxies away? Earth has its own means of being discriminatory. Sometimes we judge a person without even realising or wanting to. Sure, it’s what makes us human, the difference between us and all those robots, but what if there was none of that? Would it make a difference? You tell me. Sequel. It’s come to the point of that. I’m sure there will be some people open to it, and of course, those who are against. Varying degrees of such. Well let me break it to you, I don’t really know. Let’s start from the, well, start. Waterworks was originally a prequel of another story I had thought of. The story, consisted of four, five teens reuniting in the near future and how their lives have changed since becoming a ‘group’ and outgrowing their high school ‘clique’. Anyway, I like the whole Waterworks idea much better, which is why it replaced the original story, but a sequel? There was a reason that I wrote the prequel as the original story instead of the one I actually planned. I’m open to negotiation though, and if the sequel happens, It will probably branch out from a different idea.

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