Life story

There were many times in my life where things didn’t go the way I had planned and took a different toll into what I originally imagined. A time in my life where growing up with a huge family was stressful. Also, a time where I didn’t know what I wanted to major in when I was in college. Furthermore, I am planning on moving out of the country in the next couple of years. However, these main times in my life where something that first seemed like a disadvantage eventually became or will become something positive. Going to community college was very stressful being that I did not know what my set goals were. Almost all of my classmates were sure of what route they were taking for their future and that made me feel lost and not prepared. Eventually, I dropped out of college and started working two jobs. In that time frame of me working two jobs, I stumbled upon a Dental Assistant catalog and it caught my eye. Long story short, I graduated as a Dental Assistant and now I work as an office manager in a dentist office. Furthermore, I am looking to further my career and start studying to become a Dental Hygienist. Instead of wasting my time and money going to college with no idea of what to succeed in, I took my time and did things at my own pace. Growing up in my household was super hectic. My mom and dad had eight kids in total, five boys and three girls. You can imagine how cramped it would be having 10 people under one roof. There was no privacy, altercations between siblings, and non-stop complaints from our neighbors. As the time went on, my older siblings eventually moved out and started a family of their own. The obstacle changed from fighting with each other to missing each other. Holidays’ became more significant and now we appreciate the moments we’ve had together and pass the memories along to the next generation. The past year in the United States has been an unsafe environment. Lately, there have been reports of shootings, murders, and suicides. Living in the United States has become such a disadvantage and made me realize that I don’t want to plan and raise my kids here. Furthermore, everything being so high-priced and not being able to afford health care is another issue. On the other hand, Canadian residents receive free health care. There is also, in some cases, free schooling. Even though moving out of the country would mean leaving the family I grew up with behind, it would still be beneficial for me and would overall change the way I live my lifestyle in a positive way. Can any obstacle or disadvantage be turned into something good? Would I be where I am now if it wasn’t for dropping out of college? Would I have these moments with my family now if growing up with them wasn’t hectic? Can I start and raise my family in another safer environment? If these main obstacles in my life changed into something good, then anything can.

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