“Students” at Hailsham

They are sheltering the “ students “ at Hailsham from the reality that they are basically being used for parts like an old junkyard car. They are doing this to give the students at Hailsham some sense of an ordinary and idyllic childhood. In my personal opinion they’re protecting them up to the certain age then they are fooling them with false hope of a normal life. When they went to the Cottages I think most if not all the students from Hailsham knew they were different from other people at the Cottages. I think the whole book reflects that they are not normal children or adults and have a special purpose in life, this is shown in many different ways. I think one of the parts in the story that really reflects their different and surreal world is when Tommy, Ruth, and Kathy go see the boat and it shows how the donors are struggling and how it affects the carers and everyone around them. Another example of their semi-dystopian world is when Tommy and Kathy go to see Madame and Miss Emily and how when Kathy and Tommy are about to leave Madames house to go back to Kingsfield. When suddenly Madame remembers who Kathy is and how she was dancing with a doll listening to “ Never Let Me Go “ when she was at Hailsham., and how Madame was standing in the doorway in tears as she watched Kathy. Throughout the book, the characters really evolve and you feel as if they are becoming real people with emotions and feelings for the other people around them. When Ruth completes and Kathy goes to be Tommy’s carer it shows how evident their feelings are for each other and how much they need each other as Tommy struggles with heath as a donor and Kathy turns into his romantic and life partner until he gets his notice about his fourth and final donation. When Kathy goes to see Tommy for the final time there is a bittersweetness between them, they discuss Ruth and how back at Hailsham Ruth was always so different from them and how they wish all finished at the same time. From the time they are at Hailsham to when Kathy is standing alone in Norfolk standing alone with farms as far as the eye can see you feel a sense of wonder and sadness with the characters. Kathy talks about how sometimes when she is driving from donor to donor she sees a plot of land that reminds her of Hailsham and that she driving towards the South Playing field and can see the old sports Pavillion in the distance or a row of trees that reminds her of the poplar trees from her childhood at Hailsham. On occasion, she sees some people from the Cottages or Hailsham when she is absent-mindedly driving or at a center, and she sometimes wonders if in some way she is looking for Hailsham or another part of her childhood. Their whole world seems like a fairytale mixed with a dystopian wonderland filed with rules, lies and a certain path in life that they think can only be voided by finding true love and getting permission from Madame to go and live a normal and happy life they find out this is a rumor that has been spread from person to person since Hailsham and they continue their normal everyday procedures. On the wack back from Littlehampton, Tommy asks Kathy if they can stop on a dark, curvy road surrounded by trees. Tommy gets out of the car and a few minutes later Kathy who is still in the car hears the first scream, then she got out of the car and moments later she hears the second scream and she automatically knew it was Tommy and in a panicked state she goes to look for him in a dark field with soft sludge that devoured your body when you walk through it. Tommy was flailing around swearing but when Kathy tries to help he pulled away and was hesitant about taking her help. Tommy was still shaky and having trouble breathing, and as they walked back to the car through the muddy, overgrown and man eating fields they are silent until Kathy feels the urge to tell Tommy how he smells and how disgusting it is. To me, this symbolized the struggle but love between the two characters as they stumble through their last few weeks together full of uncertainty, love, and laughter. Their whole life is full of a never-ending strand of lies, heartbreak, love, and friendship between the Ruth, Tommy and Kathy and everyone else that they shared their journey with.

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