The opportunity to develop my servant leadership

I hope to be admitted into the University of Mary’s Emerging Leaders Academy because I want to take advantage of the opportunity to develop my servant leadership in a structured, Catholic program. Being the oldest of seven children, I understand the importance of servant leadership when trying to accomplish a task with a group of people. I will often babysit my younger siblings and be put in charge of making sure the house is clean and the kids are all in bed by the time my parents get home. At the end of a long night of pillow forts and a big dinner, you could only imagine the mess that is made. Being solely responsible for the job to get done, would seem like a daunting endeavor for most. Nobody wants to go to bed and nobody wants to clean up. Many would use the authority invested in them by Mom and Dad to force the kids to clean up, keeping the phone by their side with Mom on speed dial. I can tell you from experience this is no way to lead a group of people. You will have six younger siblings running around forming factions against you, ready to tell your parents that you did a bad job babysitting. This means a cut on pay, and gas is expensive in California, so pay is crucial. Luckily there is a better way. Whether it be sending Catherine on a mission to fight the evil space invaders disguised as crumbs under the table, or offering the choice of movie to the hardest worker, I know that giving incentives and trying to make the work enjoyable can be effective means of getting a good morale. Nevertheless, the most effective means of accomplishing the task is always working with my siblings rather than having them work for me. The first thing they always ask is if I will work with them, or if I am just going to sit back and watch them work. By working with them they feel compelled to use their full potential for a common goal rather than using very little of their potential to accomplish "my" goal. Given that the family is the basic social unit to which more complex social systems [such as governments or businesses] are modeled after, then servant leadership, being the most effective way to lead a family, must be the most effective way to lead in a business, government, or any other group of people. I believe that the Emerging Leaders Academy can help me to bring my servant leadership into the working world through its leadership training, and experiential learning activities. In addition, the mentorship opportunity with faculty and community leaders offers a great way to grow in knowledge as well as establish real-world connections with others who are interested in bettering their businesses and communities. I hope to be a part of the Emerging Leaders Academy which I believe can help my servant leadership flourish so that my success in the future is directly translated into the success of my fellow co-workers and community.

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