The production and manufacturing of styrofoam

What do you know about styrofoam? How it’s used, produced, and it is affecting our environment. From this essay, you will learn all about the production and manufacturing of styrofoam. How it contributes to the surroundings, but also how it affects the environment in many ways. Based on what I have researched and learned about styrofoam. It is very convenient and made in the USA every year. Especially for food and packaging materials. For example plates, spoons, forks, cups, and containers. On top of all that it is very lightweight which prospers easy to transport and reproduce. The reason for me Writing this essay is to explain the real impact styrofoam is having on our earth. The environmental, climate and human impact. Because of everything that I have precisely stated those represent the essential points for why styrofoam is affecting our environment in a destructive way. Despite styrofoam being so easy and convenient, it is very bad for the environment. And with it becoming more common every year, the issue keeps on rising. A reason for why styrofoam is so bad for the environment is that it is non-biodegradable and can last forever. And to add to that, styrofoam can float, which means that it is found in land and water as the main pollutant. In areas like grasslands, waterways, and coastlines around the world. To add to my point about how styrofoam is bad for the biosphere. It requires massive amounts of energy for it to be broken down. A research done by the United States Health and Government Society states that it takes up to 500 years to forever for styrofoam to melt. Despite these frightening fact millions of dollars are still spent each year on companies trying to dissolve it.” (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “”,, www.hhs.Gov/.). Styrofoam is not just bad for the biosphere but also bad for the global climate. From a study done by the National Bureau of Standards Center for Human Research. Say. “60 chemical byproducts are released during the making of styrofoam. Including the crucial one’s Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide, and tropospheric ozone. These not only pollute the air but serve as a greenhouse gasses which leads to global warming.”Another study done by Stanford University states that “Over 14 million tons of styrofoam are produced every year all around the world.” Making it a more significant global epidemic, and heating up the atmosphere faster than ever ”. (National Institute of Standards and Technology.”NIST, 31 May 2018, Even though styrofoam appears to have its benefits. The negatives are even worse. Because styrofoam is made of styrene, benzene. Which are its main building blocks. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, “ People who work in either styrene or benzene product manufacturing are at a substantial risk of skin, eye and respiratory irritation". Even as significant as cancer, depression, a headache, and fatigue."Because of those reasons stated those are why styrofoam is bad for the body". ((n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.epa.Gov/). Styrofoam has become a huge problem for our environment, human bodies, and biosphere. But with all problems, there is always a more successful solution. And fortunately, many people have started to take action. For example, Scientists are in the process of making a replacement for styrofoam. Some have started taking fungi materials and combining them together to produce something similar to styrofoam, but that is much more eco-friendly and easy to dissolve. Another solution is that numerous of independent and food services have banned anything styrofoam to be used in their services. They have now begun to rely on compostable containers. Based on all my research and analysis we can conclude on the fact that despite how convenient, lightweight, and useful styrofoam is, it comes with a great cost. The reason for me writing this article was to inform on the forgotten subject. And I hope because I recorded this so more individuals will understand the potential harm that styrofoam can have.

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