The Switch

Then one day tragedy struck, Billy fell ill. Amy, looking at Billy, whispered, “He looks so pale and sick.” She paused then continued, “Ugh I hope he doesn't… you know.” Dane responded softly, “He is such a fighter, but I don’t know if he is going to win this fight.” Dane’s voice started to tremble while saying, “Amy, I have to make a confession. The other day I wished that he would leave us alone because it’s kinda bothering me that he is always around. I felt like he was just being a pesky little brother.” Amy sighed. “Dane, he’s not sick because of you. You know lots of people get sick for other causes.” Dane realized to be careful about what you wish for; now Dane felt alone as Billy lay in one of the covered wagons. As best friends, Amy and Dane pulled a handcart together right behind the wagon so they could see him always. A couple of days later Billy died. Amy ran to Dane with tears running down her cheeks saying, “DANE. DANE. FINALLY DANE, I found you. I have so bad news. Billy has…has died.” Dane immediately hugged Amy, and with tears filling his eyes, said softly, “No. No. Amy, Amy it is going to be alright. Everything is going to be alright.” It’s going to be alright, right? I don't know. Just don’t think about it. Breathe. Just breathe. It is going to be alright. Billy died in the year 1831 in the middle of the Mormon Tail. They had tears running down their faces and their breath shortened. Everything was a blur. The ignored everything and just cried. Amy and Dane hit a melancholy stage in their young lives because of BIlly’s death. This caused them to pull away from the Mormons. They could not understand why God had to take something so precious from them. Together they stopped practicing Mormonism and turned to explore during that period of grief. One day, during dinner, they went off into a nearby forest. They walked for about 30 minutes until they reached a small, 4-foot river with muddy sides and rocks in the river. Dane thought he could jump over the rivulet on to the other side. Amy begged him not to jump. Ignoring Amy’s cries, Dane leaped and made it to the other side. Dane had to get back on to the other side so he jumped once more. He made it, but due to slippery sides, he slipped back into the river. Landing in a backward plank, he hit his wrist weird causing it to break. Amy helped him out and gave him her jacket to wrap around his wrist. It was getting late and they forgot the way back. They worried as they walked. Dane said, “Amy. Amy, can we sit on this rock. My wrist hurts bad!” Getting up, Amy said, “Of course. Let me go get some of those berries for us.” Eating the berries, Dane said, “This might sound crazy, but can we pray? I can say it.” As Amy proceeded to bow her head, she said, “That is a great idea, go ahead.” Bowing his head Dane said, “Our dear Heavenly Father, please forgive us for we have sinned. We are so thankful for this beautiful earth and this trek. Please help us to get back to camp and help my wrist. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.” “Amen.” Upon opening their eyes they saw a flock of quails and proceeded to follow them. Normally by this time, it would be dark, but for some reason, it was still light and they could see. Dane thought he saw a light that was nearby. He thought it could be fire from camp. They walked towards it. Then, the fire went out, limiting their visibility. They had another feeling to sit on a nearby rock and pray once more. Amy said the prayer. Once finished, Dane leaned back on the rock and closed his eyes to quell the pain. Amy watched the quails walk away. Later, when Dane felt better, they started to hear sounds of talking and they saw the distant light, so they started walking. They thought that they might have been saved and that they were back with their friends and family. To their surprise, they found another group traveling west. They were immediately greeted with stares and whispers. Amy announced, “Hi, I’m Amy and he is Dane. We got lost in the forest and Dane slipped and broke his wrist. We just need some help. Please. Please. We just need so help.” One lady stood up and said, “Oh babies come here. I’m Eileen. Do you need anything? Let me get you some food or water. Dane, let me see that wrist. You can travel with our family.” Amy and Dane walked towards her. She created a splint for Dane and fed them. Later, Amy and Dane learned that she had lost her all of her four children so she had an extra tent and food that they could use. Amy and Eileen set up the spare tent for them to them to stay in. Sitting down next to Amy and Dane she said, “On this trek, I have lost all my four children so you guys can have their food and tent. I was going to Oregon to get away from their abusive father. But that's another story. Well, it's getting late let's go to bed.” She walked away before they could say anything. Finally, the sun set and they went into the tent for bed. Amy said, “How is your wrist feeling?” Dane said, “A lot better but it still hurts. We are so lucky we found them. I was so worried that we were going to get stuck out here in the middle of the trail. Also, I don’t think that these people are Mormon.” Amy said, “No, they don't seem like they are. Too bad we don't have a Book Of Mormon to teach them.” Amy rolled over on to her side, saying, “Ow, something is poking my leg,” she reached into her pocket, “Oh my gosh I… I have one Dane! I have a Book of Mormon!” Dane said, “That is amazing! We have to do missionary work tomorrow. However, today has been long, so let's go to sleep.” Amy agreed, so they went to sleep. The next morning they work up, ate, packed camp up and started to walk once more. Amy and Dane pulled a handcart together like they did in their old group. They did not talk to anyone, not even each other, till they ate dinner. Eileen said, “Honey you haven't said a word since last night. Why don't you do something that you did back with your old group.” Dane thought This is the perfect missionary moment. Then he said to Amy, “Hey Amy, can I see your book of Mormon?” Amy handed it to him. Then, together, they taught a lesson. The group was interested and amazed. They wanted to learn more. From then on, they made the scripture study something that would happen every day. Because Dane was of the age of 18 he was able to baptize all the people in the group who were at least. He was able to give to other men in the group the priesthood. With the new group, they traveled to Oregon. Eileen was there fake mother and they were fake siblings. Because of their good doing, they knew that God was truly proud of them. The learned to never pull away from the church.

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